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Film / Three Sappy People

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Three Sappy People is The Three Stooges' 43rd short subject, as well as their final short in 1939.

In this short, the Stooges are mistaken for doctors Ziller, Zeller, and Zoller are called to help treat the wealthy but spoiled .

Tropes related to this short:

  • Becoming the Mask: Among being mistaken for doctors, the Stooges decide to take up the names in order to receive money.
  • Food Fight: The short ends with an elegant dinner becoming this instead.
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  • Plot Hole: After getting the phone call about helping Sherry Rumford, the Stooges decide to play doctor and agree to go to Sherry's aid. But they never get Sherry's address. How did they know where to go?
  • Womanchild: Sherry Rumford, due to being wealthy.

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