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An adventure comedy film from 1990, directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring bodybuilders Peter and David Paul, aka "The Barbarian Brothers".

Rafe (Peter) and Victor (David), two dimwitted trucker brothers, get a job transporting a shipment of toxic waste cross-country for the Tech Star company. Once they are ready, they find out that Holly (Ari Meyers), a Teen Genius employed by the company, has stowed away with them in order to prevent her invention from falling into the wrong hands. Now they have to outrun evil CEO Dr. Hayden Brueckner (Martin Mull) and his mooks and evade dogged repo man Sweeney (David Carradine) while still trying to make their delivery on time.

This film has the examples of:

  • Animated Credits Opening: The opening credits are animated, and it depicts the brothers getting into all kinds of hijinx that are (somewhat) solved with their muscles.
  • Chain Pain: Two mooks argue with each other on who get to use a piece of chain as a weapon.
  • Delivery Guy: The film opens with the brothers trying to make it to the hospital in time before their pregnant passenger gives birth. Victor has to help her to deliver the baby.
  • Dodge by Braking: When mooks on each side of them threaten to shoot the tires on their truck, our heroes brake, and the mooks accidentally shoot each other's cars.
  • Dumb Muscle: Rafe and Victor are a strong, but not a bright duo.
  • Evil Debt Collector: Sweeney, who wants to repo the brothers' truck, even he has to steal it from them.
  • Evil, Inc.: Tech Star runs a "school" that basically employs its teen geniuses as forced labor.
  • Groin Attack: Holly kicks Sweeney on the balls when he tries to steal brothers' truck.
  • Hack the Traffic Lights: Once they are given the Handy Remote Control, the trucker brothers try to do this while they rush to their destination before the deadline closes, but it takes a third try before they get it right.
  • Handy Remote Control: Holly has been developing a remote control for Tech Star that can operate absolutely anything, from surveillance systems to vehicles.
  • Mistaken for Object of Affection: Rafe's waitress girlfriend drags who she thinks is Rafe into a back room to have sex with him. Unfortunately, it's actually Rafe's twin brother Victor, who reveals the mistaken identity as soon as he's allowed to get a word in edgewise. She then proceeds to slap him for this misunderstanding.
  • Product Delivery Ordeal: Rafe and Victor, two dimwitted trucker brothers with a reputation for missing deadlines, are given one last chance to take a job delivering a shipment of toxic waste from the Tech Star Company. As a safeguard against the brothers' supposed incompetence, their boss installs a countdown timer on their dashboard, to remind them of their deadline. After they pick up the shipment from the company, they find out that Holly, a Teen Genius from the company's school, has stowed away with them in order to not let her special invention to get into wrong hands. Now, the brothers have to outrun Tech Star's mooks, who are after the girl, while trying to make their delivery in time. The two brothers also have to contend with a repo man, Sweeney, who repeatedly attempts to take back their truck. In the end, the brothers still miss their deadline, they lose their jobs, and Sweeney finally takes their truck (Unknowingly still carrying the toxic waste and spilling one of the barrels in the cargo container; the last we see of him he starts losing his hair in tufts). However, Holly is able to market her invention and make considerable amounts of money. She then partners with Rafe and Victor into making their own transportation company.
  • Race Against the Clock:
    • The brothers are given thirty-three hours to do their delivery. If they foul up, they won't get paid. And if they don't get paid, they won't be able to pay the last payment on their truck.
    • The unscrupulous criminal funders of Tech Star's Handy Remote Control give them forty-eight hours to get rid of all the glitches on it.
  • Railroad Tracks of Doom: Our heroes' truck gets stuck on a train track, but they get it work on time before the train hits them.
  • Shout-Out: Another attack from the mooks is announced by Rafe saying "They're baaa-ack!"
  • Travel Montage: There scenes of showing our heroes' progress on a map.
  • Wrongful Accusation Insurance: Averted. The brothers break several laws when they rush to the hospital with the pregnant lady, and they get a ticket for every single one of them.