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The Woman of My Dreams (German: Die Frau meiner Träume) is a 1944 German comedy film with music numbers, directed by Georg Jacoby and starring singer/dancer/actress Marika Rökk. The cast also included Georg Alexander, Wolfgang Lukschy and Walter Müller. It was the second color motion picture to star Rökk after Women are the best Diplomats in 1941 — both films used the Agfacolor technology — as well as one of the most expensive films to be produced in National Socialist Germany.

Julia Köster is a glamorous revue star. Seeking to escape a conflict with her theatre manager, she boards a train. She gets off the train in the mountains, and it departs, leaving her in the wilderness without her suitcase and dressed only in her fur coat over her underwear. She is rescued by two train engineers, who happen to be fans of her songs on the radio without ever having seen a picture of her. She then decides not to reveal her true identity to them just yet.


The Woman of My Dreams provides examples of:

  • Ambiguous Time Period: The film is pretty obviously set in the early 1940s, what with the clothes and cars. It was filmed during World War II, in Nazi Germany, yet not a single swastika is to be seen anywhere (train operators and ticket inspectors had them on their uniforms for instance, but not here), and there's no trace of the war either.
  • City Mouse: Julia is an urbanite, and she has to adjust to the rural way of life as long as she's stuck in the mountains.
  • Fanservice: The French cancan bit of Julia's first show, with plenty of dress raising, legs and Stocking Filler.
  • Gorgeous Period Dress: Some of the Pimped Out Dresses Julia uses in her shows qualify as this.
  • Naked in Mink: More like Underwear in Mink, and Played for Laughs. Julia is in such a hurry to escape her boss that she doesn't bother putting something over her underwear aside from a fur mantle. Then she gets off the train in the mountains, and it departs without her and with her suitcase still onboard...
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  • Pimped-Out Dress: Julia wears a sizeable assortment of dresses in all of her dance numbers.
  • Scenery Porn: The gorgeous scenery of Julia's last show in the climax is inspired by ukiyo-e Japanese prints.


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