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Film / The Real Blonde

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A 1997 satire written and directed by Tom Di Cillo that has a couple (Matthew Modine and Catherine Keener) living together while Joe tries to make it in New York.

It also stars Daryl Hannah, Maxwell Caulfield, Elizabeth Berkley, Marlo Thomas, Bridgette Wilson, Buck Henry, Christopher Lloyd, and Kathleen Turner.

The movie was released on September 14, 1997.

Tropes for the film:

  • Classically Trained Extra: Bob lands a lucrative job on a soap opera. Despite the fame and wealth, he hates the role and recites Shakespeare in his dressing room.
  • Horrible Hollywood: The movie satirizes the shallowness and dysfunction of the New York fashion and cinema scene.
  • The Loins Sleep Tonight: Bob cannot perform after seducing a coveted "real blonde". After she humilates him, and he gets his revenge, he goes back to a fake blonde.
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  • Wag the Director: Bob refuses to re-sign his contract unless the producers kill off his co-star's, Kelly, character because she humiliated him for his failure to perform.

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