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Film / The Prey

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A Slasher Movie from 1984.

In 1948, a forest fire rages. In 1980, the same forest sees several campers being killed as they venture there.

This film has the examples of:

  • An Axe to Grind: As the tagline puts it, "Its not human and its got an axe!", but the axe is only put to use against the couple in the opening.
  • Bald of Evil: When the killer is finally shown on camera, he's bald.
  • Caught in a Snare: As Bobbi and Nancy run from the killer, Bobbi steps on a snare which swings her headfirst on to a tree, killing her.
  • Circling Vultures: Mark discovers Gail's decomposing corpse after he notices several vultures pecking on something obstructed by nature.
  • Final Girl: Nancy. But only because she is captured instead, and the film ends many months later where it is revealed she gave birth to the killer's child.
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  • Flashback Echo: The killer flashes back to the forest fire from the opening twice when he is about to kill.
  • Ghost Story: The six couples fry fish around campfire and tell scary stories, including a version of The Monkey's Paw.
  • Heartbeat Soundtrack: Killer's POV shots are accompanied by the sound of heartbeat.
  • Knife Nut: After the opening, the killer uses mostly his hands and a knife.
  • Neck Snap: The killer grabs Skipp from behind, and twists his neck around.
  • No Name Given: The killer is never referred to by name, and the credits only call him The Monster.
  • Off with His Head!: Mary hears her husband Frank scream and runs back to their camp to see what's wrong. He is found decapitated, and she gets an axe to her skull.
  • Red Right Hand: Being caught in the forest fire left the killer with grey skin and a scarred face.
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  • The Reveal: Fifty minutes in, the forest fire from the opening is expanded upon by Lester, revealing that it killed bunch of Romani huddled in their homecave, and only one badly burnt boy survived it.
  • Slashed Throat: As Greg strikes a match to lit his lantern, a hand appears from the darkness and tores his throat.


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