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The Other Me is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie about a teenager who accidentally clones himself as a genius and ends up using his clone to pass school. The movie is the 23rd Disney Channel Original Movie and is based on the book Me Two by Mary C. Ryan.

Will Browning (played by Andy Lawrence) is an underachieving seventh-grader, and if he doesn't improve soon, his dad's going to send him to military camp. To try to pass science, Will orders a science-project like toy called "Sea Pups".


Two of the scientists who work at the Sea Pups headquarters were working on a cloning chemical. Due to an incident with the lab animals, the chemical lands in a batch of Sea Pups, and that specific one is sent to Will. To stir up to eggs in the Sea Pups toy, Will uses his comb, because the company forgot to put in the stirrer. However, the cloning chemical gets mixed up in his comb, and after he uses his comb again, he's cloned. Hilarity Ensues. Now Will has to hide his double (dubbed "Twoie"), as well as hide himself as he sends Twoie to school for him, making him the smartest, and most popular kid in school. But the scientists, Victor and Conrad, are searching for the clone...

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