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Film / The Horror of Frankenstein

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The Horror of Frankenstein is a 1970 British horror film by Hammer Film Productions that is both a semi-parody and remake of the 1957 film The Curse of Frankenstein. It features David Prowse as the monster.

The genius but cold and arrogant Victor Frankenstein (Ralph Bates) starts a series of experiments involving the revival of the dead. He eventually builds and brings to life a composite body from human parts, but it isn't long before the creature goes on a homicidal rampage.


This film features the horror of:

  • Adaptational Villainy: The film keeps Victor being depicted as much less sympathetic and well-meaning than in the original book or the earlier movies that came from Curse. Despite being Played for Laughs due to being a parody, if anything, he's even more evil here, as he's depicted killing his own father to inherit the family fortune.
  • Backwards-Firing Gun: Victor Frankenstein murders his father by sabotaging the old man's shotgun.
  • Frankenstein's Monster: A truly giant version.
  • Giant Mook: Being played by David Prowse, Frakenstein's Monster becomes this.
  • Hollywood Acid: Like in Curse, the Monster is done with the help of the good ol' all-purposeful acid.
  • Mad Scientist: Victor is a mad scientist with the addition of being a jerk (or an even bigger one, counting Curse).
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  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: Victor sets up the standard one in his castle.
  • Negative Continuity: The film is a self-contained remake/parody of The Curse of Frankenstein, and has no continuity with the previous Hammer Horror Frankenstein films.
  • Never My Fault: Victor cannot stand to face responsibility for what he's done, and flees Vienna after attempting to enter medical school there when he impregnates the daughter of the Dean.
  • Patricide: Victor murders his father to inherit the title of Baron von Frankenstein and the family fortune.
  • The Sociopath: Victor has no comprehension of right and wrong, only of what he wants.
  • Villain Protagonist: Dr. Frankenstein, whose villainy is the main remnant of the early Hammer Horror films.
  • The Von Trope Family: Victor von Frankenstein.
  • The X of Y: The Horror of Frankenstein.