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The Girl from 10th Avenue is a 1935 film directed by Alfred E. Green.

Geoffrey Sherwood (Ian Hunter) stumbles down the street roaring drunk to see the wedding of his old girlfriend Valentine French. He is about to get arrested by a couple of cops when he's escorted away by Miriam Brady (Bette Davis), a shopgirl who just happened to be there on her lunch hour. Miriam, out of a sense of charity, leads Geoffrey away to stop him from getting arrested.

Geoffrey insists on more drinking and Miriam somewhat reluctantly joins him. Cue the next morning and it turns out that Geoffrey and Miriam got married overnight. She is willing to annul the marriage immediately, but Geoffrey decides to stick with it, reasoning that if they tire of each other they can get a quick divorce. Naturally, they fall in love—which is the cue for Valentine to return, having dumped her husband.



  • Curse Cut Short: Miriam, pissed off about Valentine, says "She is nothing but a common little—" when John slams the door as he's leaving.
  • Divorce in Reno: What Miriam says she'll do after Geoffrey walks out. He intercepts her before she gets a chance to lead.
  • Door-Closes Ending: Ends with Miriam and John closing the door to their apartment after he shows back up and gives her a real wedding ring.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: The plot is kicked off by Geoffrey going on a bender on Valentine's wedding day. It happens again at the end, when Valentine's sadsack husband John is drinking heavily after she's left him in hopes of getting Geoffrey back.
  • Foreshadowing: As Valentine leaves her wedding, arm in arm with John, she leans over to ask an usher how Geoffrey is taking it. That foreshadows her dumping her husband later in an effort to get Geoffrey back.
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  • Grammar Nazi: Mrs. Martin, landlord of the apartment building where Geoffrey and Miriam live.
    Miriam: Can I visit with you?
    Mrs. Martin: Indeed you may visit with me.
  • Hangover Sensitivity: Geoffrey wakes up wincing after his all-day bender. Miriam prepares him some sort of Alka-Seltzer drink before giving him orange juice.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: John is such a loser that he says he'll step aside so Geoffrey can have Valentine, if that's what Valentine wants.
  • Love Triangle: Geoffrey, Miriam, Geoffrey's old girlfriend Valentine, and Valentine's pathetic husband John.
  • Meet Cute: Geoffrey steps on Miriam's foot as she stands in line to see the blushing bride, then Miriam pulls him away to stop him from getting arrested.
  • Those Two Guys: Geoffrey's friends Tony and Hugh always seem to travel in a pair, like when they're trying to find Geoffrey in the first scene, or when they track him down after the wedding, or when they track him down later in the movie and are surprised to discover that he's married to Miriam.
  • Video Credits: At the beginning of the movie, which was the house style for Warner Brothers films in the early-mid-1930s.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: Geoffrey wakes up not sure of where he is, but asking "Did we get married last night?" Miriam, who isn't as hung over, confirms that they did.
  • Worst News Judgment Ever: Naturally, Valentine throwing a grapefruit at Miriam at a restaurant makes the front page of the paper.

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