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Film / The Chaperone

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A 2011 film by WWE Studios, starring Triple H as Ray Ray Bradstone. Ray is fresh out of prison after 7 years of listening to Dr. Marjorie and trying to become a better person. Once out, he'd like nothing more than to reconnect with his estranged wife, Lynne and his daughter, Sally. Sadly it's too little too late as they've both built good lives without him and even have a new male figure in the form of Marvin, Lynne's boyfriend.

Stopping at nothing to clear the air with his daughter, Sally, he goes on her class trip as the chaperone. But things are even more complicated when Ray's past keeps coming back to haunt him in the form of Larue, who abandoned Ray seven years earlier to rot in prison alone. The story of a struggling man trying to be a father to his little girl, rid himself of his past, and keep his daughter safe from said past.


This film provides examples of the following tropes:

  • The Atoner: Ray wants to be a father again and prove to Sally that he's changed & deserves a second chance.
  • Disappeared Dad: For Sally after he's sent away to prison for seven years. She's a teenager by the time he gets & she bluntly tells him at one point that she doesn't know him.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Ray didn't have the best luck. Fresh out of prison he had no job, his family rejected him, his ex wife is with someone else, he can't seem to find a suitable job, and the apartment he gets is burned down in a fire. After an uphill battle throughout the film, Ray wins back the acceptance of his family, begins dating Lynne again, and has a new job -taking over for Dr. Marjorie and having his own radio show.
  • Mama Bear: Lynne, who wants Ray to stay away from Sally due to not thinking him responsible, and for hurting her so badly by getting himself locked up. At the film's end, she slaps him for putting Sally in danger.
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  • Mirror Character: Ray & Larue when it comes to trying to fore their way back into someone's life & refusing to take no for an answer. The latter keeps hounding Ray to join back up with his gang despite Ray wanting nothing to do with him & repeatedly telling him to walk away. Ray is the same with Sally, showing up at their house twice and even coming to her school despite her telling him she wanted nothing to do with him. When he gets on her bus, she asks one last time for him to leave but Ray looks away from her and ignores her wishes. Both even say the same thing by insisting they will make things right.
  • Papa Wolf: Ray, most definitely. Summoned up nicely by his comment to Larue
    Ray: I will kill you twice if you touch her.
  • Prison Rape: Implied fate for Larue when Ray warns him over the phone to sleep with his back against the wall, all the while another inmate stands behind him whispering and making kissing faces at him as he stands frozen and terrified.
  • Punch a Wall: Ray slam Larue into a nearby wall and punches a hole in the spot next to his head while raging at Larue treating him as a Fall Guy seven years ago.
  • Redemption Rejection: Ray is a different man after getting out of prison and he's genuinely trying to do better, but Sally & Lynne are not quick to believe it.