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Film / The Brainiacs Dot Com

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A 2000 American Direct to Video Family Comedy directed by Blair Treu that has a young boy (Michael Angarano) starting a company after deciding that his father (Kevin Kilner) works too much.

The movie also stars Kevin Jamal Woods, Vanessa Zima, Florence Stanley, Dom De Luise, and Alexandra Paul.

It was released on December 22, 2000.

Tropes for the film:

  • Grade-School C.E.O.: Matt and Danny (using investor's money) bough controlling interest of a toy manufacturing company. Trouble arises when the authorities made inquiries about the microchip the kids told their investors the money would be used to develop.
  • Morally Bankrupt Banker: Ivan is a banker that wanted to liquidate the toy company. He then allowed its owner to borrow money and, to encourage him further, he had someone pretending to be interested on buying toys from his victim to encourage further loans. Then again, his victim made it easier by holding the Idiot Ball.
  • No Longer with Us: Done when Kara, the new bank clerk informs David that the previous clerk, an elderly man, has gone to the "Great Beyond", which turns out to be a retirement home.