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Suburban Mayhem is a 2006 Australian drama.

19-year-old single mother Katrina Skinner enjoys a decadent lifestyle. She never goes to work, spends her days getting her nails done and manipulates men into doing whatever she wants. When her brother is convicted for killing a store clerk, Katrina plots to bail him out. Her father and boyfriend both decide to put a stop to her, but only manage to find themselves locked in her cross-hairs.



  • Being Good Sucks: Katrina's dad finally decides to discipline her for the sake of giving Katrina's baby a stable upbringing. She has him killed for it.
  • Cool Car: Katrina owns a very nice 1974 Chrysler Valiant Charger.
  • Karma Houdini: Katrina gets everything she wants and avoid all consequence, even when everyone has realised she's a horrible piece of work. All because the police can't pin anything on her.
  • Manchild: Kenny has some neurological condition which has stunted his maturity. Despite being well into his twenties he acts like he's just hit puberty, begging Katrina to sleep with him, losing his temper and calling her a tease when she doesn't, only to give in when she starts coming into him again.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Katrina is only 19 and already has a baby.
  • The Vamp: Katrina relies on other men lusting over her to get what she wants, usually by doing something illegal.


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