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Stand Alone is a 1985 action-drama film directed by Alan Beattie and starring Charles Durning, Pam Grier, James Keach, and Bert Remsen.

The story concerns Louis Thibideaux (Durning), a World War II veteran currently living in Los Angeles with his grandson and daughter-in-law. When he witnesses the assassination of a gang member by a rival drug gang, Louis helps the police any way he can. When the gang beats up his war buddy and threatens his family, Louis takes them on as only a war veteran can.

Noto be confused with I Stand Alone, the shocking French film by Gaspar Noé.


Tropes featured in Stand Alone include:

  • Covers Always Lie: Take a look at this. First off, they really slimmed down Charles Durning in that drawing. Second, he never uses a bat at all anywhere in the film. On the Starmaker VHS cover, they use the same painting but add a small drawing in there of a bat-wielding Louis versus three thugs, which again never happens in the film. However, both are better than this abomination, where they quite blatantly photoshopped Durning's head onto someone else's body. To add insult to injury, they Photoshopped his head onto the body of one of the thugs he's fighting in the film.
  • Hello, Attorney!: Kathryn. Then again, she is played by Pam Grier...
  • The Siege: Louis vs. the gang at the film's climax.