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Splatter is a Short Horror Film by Joe Dante.

Rock star Johnny Splatter (Corey Feldman) is dead, shot himself in the head. Now the people closest to him have been invited to attend his funeral. These people include his manager Spencer Pope (Tony Todd), his therapist Dr. Bellows (Stuart Pankin) his fellow singer and former girlfriend Krule (Tara Leigh), his old bassist Mortis (Mark Alan), and other friend Fiona Crown (Erin Way), where they're all invited to Johnny's home to listen to a video will he left for them.

Once they get in, though, it soon becomes apparent that what Johnny really brought them there for was revenge from beyond the grave.

The film was released on October the 29th, 2009.

Splatter contains examples of:

  • Asshole Victim: Pretty much everyone at the funeral.
    • Dr. Bellows used Johnny to publish a book for him.
    • Krule stole a hit song Johnny wrote and passed it off as her own, making millions.
    • Spencer Pope was not a very good agent to Johnny.
    • Mortis always envied Johnny's fame.
  • Back from the Dead: Johnny, thanks to some Hollywood Voodoo.
    • This can be Krule's fate if Johnny so wishes it.
  • High-Voltage Death: If Dr. Bellows tries to use the phone booth, this is how he dies in it.
  • One-Word Title: Splatter, obviously.
  • Slashed Throat: Johnny can kill Krule this way, with a CD.