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Film / Spell My Name with an S

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This Short Film (under 9 minutes in length) is directed by Samuel Ali and based on the Short Story "Spell My Name with an S" by Isaac Asimov. It was created for the 2014 Showdown in China Town Film contest on November 10. The film was uploaded to YouTube two months later [link].

Two Humanoid Aliens are having a conversation over Video Phone about their bet. Blue alien is insisting Green alien check their evidence for having created a Class A effect (created/averted Apocalypse How) with a Class F stimulus (changing one letter of one name). Green alien is shocked, and Blue alien reassures them "it's all in there."

Six Months Earlier... Dr Zoroastri visits a numerologist to find out what she can do to get a better job. She's bored where she is and wants to be more independent. The numerologist advises her to change her name to Soroastri, but refuses to promise results. Frustrated by their opacity, Dr Zoroastri leaves.

Two government agents discuss Dr Soroastri. The subordinate is concerned because of her Arabic heritage. His superior points out she's third-generation American and Zoroastri is Persian, not Arabic. They discuss possible Middle Eastern connections and the subordinate reveals that there was a Dr Zoroastri in the Iranian government who was also a biochemist, but they've disappeared. Without a connection to whatever the foreign powers are doing, there's no reason to suspect Dr Soroastri of espionage, but removing her from government projects is just good sense.

Sophie Soroastri is talking to her husband Marshall about Princeton offering her a job. Sophie is happy with the position and they agree that there's no point in changing the name back or to anything new. Dr Soroastri tries to visit the numerologist again, but they've closed shop.

The numerologist takes off its Human Disguise to reveal itself to be the Blue alien and calls their friend, Metsack, to show the results of the bet. The Green alien admits the point but argues that their boss isn't going to be happy when he comes and finds that biological war failed to occur as planned.

"Spell My Name With an S" contains examples of: