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Spanking the Monkey is a 1994 Black Comedy film and the directorial debut of David O. Russell.

College student Ray Aibelli (Jeremy Davies) is preparing to leave on a prestigious medical internship when his mother Susan (Alberta Watson) breaks her leg. His father Tom (Benjamin Hendrickson), a travelling salesman, makes Ray stay and take care of her for the summer. Then things get weird.

Contains examples of:

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Ray. Often, albeit unsuccessfully.
  • Appeal to Pity: After Susan hits Ray's girlfriend Toni, her father pays the Aibellis a visit and makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he intends to press charges against her. Susan manages to persuade him to not do so by airing all her grievances about her personal life and promising him that she will see a psychologist.
  • Bathtub Bonding: A strange example. Ray has to help Susan into the shower, leading to the awkward intimacy required to take care of a semi-invalid.
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  • Covers Always Lie: This 90's indie film has a cover depicting the typical twenty-something slacker known to star in this sort of movie, making it seem to be a Sex Comedy in the vein of Clerks, possibly about having A Date with Rosie Palms. In reality, it is a Dark Comedy about Parental Incest.
  • Disappeared Dad: Downplayed. Ray's father travels on business most of the time, which is why Ray becomes a sort of stand-in. He reappears for a few days later in the film.
  • Dysfunctional Family: The Aibellis (of course). The dad is almost constantly absent and cheats on his wife (and apparently he's not on speaking terms with his own sister), the mom decides to manipulate her son into having sex with her. Ray himself isn't really a bad person per se, he just has the rotten luck of living with these people.
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  • Eye Scream: Toni gets a scratched retina due to Susan hitting her.
  • Faking the Dead: Ray fakes his death at the end of the movie, to get away from his family.
  • Family Versus Career: When Ray tells his mother that she could go back to medical school, Susan admits to Ray that his father Tom didn't want any children, and gave her a choice of either becoming a mother or continuing her career; she chose the former. It's easy to see why she's such an unhappy person, but this makes her actions all the more selfish when she later seduces her own son.
  • Girl Next Door: Toni is this to Ray, being a sweet and approachable girl from the neighborhood who is the only real person he can talk to aside from his mother.
  • Intentionally Awkward Title: The title refers to a slang term for masturbation.
  • Internal Reveal: Towards the end, Tom discovers that his wife and son are having sex when Ray tells him so over the phone, but he barely pays any attention to it before going into a meeting.
  • Interrupted Suicide: Ray attempts to hang himself to get out of the abusive sexual relationship with his mother. She interrupts his attempt when she notices the belt sticking out of the other side of the door.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Susan is generally very good at manipulating people, but late in the film, when Ray takes her to see the doctor, he discovers that she could have had her casts removed weeks ago. This strongly implies that rather than it being a spur of the moment mistake driven by circumstance, she decided to seduce her son into a sexual relationship all along, showing a level of premeditation that makes her truly irredeemable.
  • Meddling Parents: Susan pressures Ray's academic achievements, because she wasn't able to become a doctor as she wanted.
  • Oedipus Complex: Ray has a distant relationship with his frequently absent father Tom, and a codependent relationship with his mother Susan, which eventually becomes sexual, causing him much mental anguish and confusion.
  • Parental Neglect: Tom isn't close to either his wife or his son. According to Susan, Tom didn't want Raymond in the first place. Even at the end, when Ray reveals what he and Susan have been doing in order to get his father to intervene, he just dismisses Ray and tells Susan to get him professional help.
  • Sarcastic Confession: After an interrupted suicide attempt, Raymond kisses, then tries to strangle his mother Susan. One of his friends peeks through the window, asking what's going on. Raymond casually notes that he tried to kill his mom, which his friend takes as a joke.
  • Their First Time: Subverted. Raymond and the cute Girl Next Door are making out for the first time, but since they're both too inexperienced and don't really know what they want he's too gentle at first and then too aggressive when she tells him to be more rough with her, so they both stop. This contributes to Raymond's growing sexual frustration and the later sexual encounter he has with his mother.


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