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Snow White is a 1987 fantasy musical film starring Diana Rigg, Billy Barty, Nicola Stapleton and Sarah Patterson. as part of the "Cannon Movie Tales" which was a series of nine films of popular Fairy Tales by Menaham Golan and Yoram Globus, who created the series as an answer to the Fairy Tale Market which had been then dominated by names like Don Bluth, Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre and of course, Disney. The originally planned twelve films were cut down to nine after Rumpelstiltskin (1987) flopped critically and at the box office. Because of Budget reasons, each film was shot on Israel and shared costumes and sets. (This film was shot simultaneously with Beauty and the Beast (1987) which caused tension between the two crews) The series casted generally known actors from the US and the UK and in Snow White it is Diana Rigg (From The Avengers and Game of Thrones fame) as the Evil Queen, who finds the Scenery is as delicious as a Tempting Apple. The film virtually went unnoticed but has had some fond memories from children who grew up with it as well as a Cult Following after Disney (Ironically) began airing them on Disney Channel as "Storybook Cinema" in 1988. The film primarily follows the 1812 story only straying from it's original Family Un-friendly Death and adding certain plot elements of their own.

The film begins with a far away Prince returning home from well... something, and coming across an unmarked discovery on the map. Investigating, the Prince finds a beautiful, comatose woman in a glass coffin being sheltered by birds. The Dwarves arrive and tell him the story: Once Upon a Time, a Kind King and a Fair Queen wished for a child that was as White as Snow, as Red as Blood and with Hair Black as the Ebony of her window frame. Time passes and the Queen gives birth to a child just like that but dies, telling her husband he needs to remarry... which goes oh so well for her daughter... as this time, the King marries a beautiful but cruel woman who's obsessed with her beauty. When she fears Snow White may be more beautiful than her, she sends a huntsman who, of course, cannot go through with it and allows her to run away into the forest. The King dies in battle after hearing about this, allowing the Queen to rule the Kingdom all alone. Eventually, young Snow finds the cottage of the Seven Dwarves who in exchange for free child labor, allow her to stay as long as she likes. The Queen, using her magic mirror, eventually discovers Snow White is alive and try's to kill her three times: Once, with a tight-laced bodice which the Dwarves cut her out of. Then with a Poisoned Comb that the Dwarves simply remove and finally with the Poison Apple which the Dwarves can't save. And that's where we left off! The Prince, deciding to give her a proper burial, asks the Dwarves to allow him to take her back to the castle and they agree. While carrying the Coffin, one of the Prince's men bumps the Coffin and dislodges the Apple piece which with 80's CGI, flies and hits the Queen on the head. The Prince proposes marriage to the now awake Snow White who accepts. The Queen gets an invite to the Wedding of the Prince and a "Fairest Maiden" and dresses in her finest to attend, but not before asking her mirror. The Mirror tells her the Prince's Bride (No, not the one you're thinking) is fairer than her. The Queen, freaking out, throws a perfume bottle at the Mirror which starts to scream then shatter, untimely making the Queen decay and grow older which each shatter. The Queen, entering her carriage as a beautiful woman, exits as a decaying hag before confronting Snow White and then Shattering with the Mirror. The Prince announces to his new bride now she is truly safe and they lived Happily Ever After