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Film / Shree 420

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Mera joota hai Japani (These boots are Japanese),
Yeh patloon Inglistani (These pants English),
Sar pay Lal topi Ruski (On my head a red cap Russian),
Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (Yet my heart is Hindustani).

Country lad and Loveable Tramp Raj sets off to the big city in the hopes of making it rich. However, he is rejected and dejected because the city seems to only promote rich bigwigs and looks down on honest poor tramps like himself. He falls in love with Vidya who is struggling to make ends meet and care for her sick father. He is then slowly lured by corrupt business tycoon Seth Sonachand Dharmaanand and temptress Maya who teach him to deceive people to earn money. Raj gambles and wins by cheating though he tries to convince himself that he is only robbing rich people. When he realizes that the new venture he started on the advice of the Seth is a Ponzi scheme to wipe out the savings of the poor, he devises a plan to save both his reputation and put the corrupt Seth in jail. Until that point in time, he is tormented by a guilty conscience to lead a simple and honest life.


Not to be confused with 420 which is used to mean pot in Cannabis culture. In India, Section 420 of the penal code deals with con-artists. So, 420 is slang for a con-man, and 420ing is slang for conning someone.

TV Tropes include

  • Visual Pun: When Raj first meets Seth, the latter angrily kicks him out of his car for conning him; Raj says, ‘If I’m a con man, a 420, then you’re a...’ Seth’s car drives off before Raj can finish his sentence, revealing a licence plate with the number 840, that is, a double-420.


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