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Film / Ships with Wings

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Ships with Wings is a 1941 British war film starring John Clements, Leslie Banks and Jane Baxter.

Lt. Dick Stacey (Clements) is expelled from the British fleet air arm after an imprudence causes a tragic accident. Utterly disgraced and reduced to doing menial work in the Mediterranean, after World War II breaks out he finds the opportunity to redeem himself when he takes part in the fight against the Germans in Greece.


This film features examples of:

  • Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job: After being disgraced and thrown out of the RAF, Stacey is seen resorting to flying work at a tiny civilian airline in Greece.
  • Redemption Quest: Stacey into one such quest to rejoin his comrades in the war effort despite being kicked out of the military.
  • Stiff Upper Lip: Stacey is the archetypical imperturbable Englishman in times of war.


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