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Film / Sands of Iwo Jima

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A 1949 war film directed by Allan Dwan that has a group of U.S. Marines training for the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II, led by Sgt. Stryker (John Wayne).

The movie stars John Agar, Adele Mara, Forrest Tucker, Wally Cassell, James Brown, and Richard Webb.

It was released on December 28, 1949.

Tropes for the film

  • The '40s: Takes place during World War II in the Pacific Theatre.
  • Cut Himself Shaving: Two marines explain away their fighting as being hand-to-hand combat training.
  • Sergeant Rock: John Stryker, as played by John Wayne.
  • Single Mom Stripper: Sgt. Stryker (Wayne) is disgusted by the prostitute he meets — until he finds out she has a baby. (It's implied she's in the business to support her son.) Stryker dandles the boy for a while, gives the woman money, and leaves.