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2.0 is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language science fiction action film written and directed by S. Shankar. Produced by Subaskaran under the banner of Lyca Productions. As the second installment in the Enthiran franchise, 2.0 is a standalone sequel to Enthiran (2010), featuring Rajinikanth reprising the roles of Vaseegaran and Chitti, alongside Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajohn, and K. Ganesh appear in supporting roles. The film follows the conflict between Chitti, the once dismantled humanoid robot, and Pakshi Rajan, a former ornithologist who seeks vengeance upon cell phone users to prevent avian population decline. The soundtrack is composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics written by Madhan Karky and Na. Muthukumar.

Produced on an estimated budget of ₹543 crore (US$76 million), 2.0 is the most expensive Indian film to date. Production began in 2015, with principal photography conducted at AVM Studios later that year. The first schedule was filmed at EVP World. Scenes were primarily shot in India, particularly in Chennai's Madras Boat Club and Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Filming was completed by August 2017. The film is the first in Indian cinema to be natively shot in 3D, which was done by cinematographer Nirav Shah. Legacy Effects made their return to construct prosthetic makeup and animatronics, with visual effects supervised by V. Srinivas Mohan. Editing was handled by Anthony and production design was conducted by T. Muthuraj.


2.0 was released worldwide in both 3D and conventional format on 29 November 2018, along with its dubbed versions in Hindi and Telugu. It received generally positive reviews upon release. Critics particularly praised the film's visual effects, performances of Rajinikanth and Kumar, and social message; the pace and screenplay received criticism. It earned ₹117.34 crore (US$16 million) worldwide on its first day, which was the second highest ever for an Indian film. The film crossed ₹520 crore (US$72 million) in its opening weekend to be the highest-grossing film worldwide for that week. 2.0 is the second highest-grossing film in India and is the sixth highest-grossing Indian film worldwide.


The manga contains examples of:

  • Animal Motifs: for Pakshi, it's birds since he was once an Ornithologist before he kills himself.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Pakshi Rajan, an Orinthologist who kills himself after his efforts to save the birds seems futile and his aura causes cellphones to go astray, and Dhinendra Bohra, Dr. Bohra's son who died in the first film, who wants revenge against Chitti for killing his father during the rampage.
  • Break Out the Museum Piece: After Pakshi's rampage have started, the Indian Government unofficially gives Vaseegaran permission to rebuild Chitti, whose remaining pieces were displayed in the museum.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Remember the man who hangs himself in the first few minutes of the movie? that's Pakshi Rajan, the Big Bad of the movie.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Dr. Bohra from the first movie was a scientist who got envied at Vaseegaran's success, so he turns Chitti into a killing machine. Here, Pakshi Rajan was an Orinthologist who kills himself after his efforts to save the birds from radiation emitted from cell towers seems futile and his aura causes cellphones to go astray.
  • Demonic Possession: Pakshi Rajan's aura possesses Vaseegaran after he was freed by Dhinendra, enabling him to attack humans physically.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Dhinendra was killed by the man whom he had freed.
  • Tragic Villain: Pakshi wanted to save the birds from high-frequency radiation, but his efforts were in vain and he kills himself. Unfortunately, his presence returns and starts making cellphones in the city gone astray.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: If Dhinendra wasn't consumed by revenge, Pakshi's aura wouldn't have entered Vaseegaran, enabling Pakshi Rajan to possess his body and attack humans and Chitti wouldn't resort to use the red chip, repeating the same situation from the first movie.
  • Walking Spoiler: Pakshi Rajan's reasons why he killed himself and his rampage as an aura.

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