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"Near the end of the Summer of 2012, the rural southern Texas community of El Campo was thrown into a state of fear and panic upon the discovery of the mutilated bodies of four teens on the abandoned Junior High School campus. A camcorder, a cassette player, and numerous documents recovered from the scene of the grisly murder gave insight into the shocking final hours of the four youths."
— The film's opening text

Ranger Rick is a low-budget independent psychological horror film presented as a documentary concerning the a string of murders and abductions carried out by the titular Ranger Rick, a local urban legend and Humanoid Abomination with an agenda all its own.

The film is notable for its handling of the concepts of fear and psychological horror. The main focus of the film is the recorded footage left behind by four teens who went in search of Ranger Rick before things went horribly wrong. Throughout most of the movie, Ranger Rick is not seen, but his presence is felt throughout, allowing the viewer to make their own assumptions about the enigmatic being, and whether he exists or not.

Not to be confused with the magazine for children, or the titular Raccoon of that Magazine.


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