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Prince Charming is a 2001 made-for-television film directed by Allan Arkush. It is a comical fairy tale, relating the story of a Prince who is cursed, his wizard squire, and the present-day women who lift the curse. The movie stars Martin Short as a wizard squire trying to keep his prince (Sean Maguire) from harm, with Christina Applegate as the woman who wins the prince's love and Bernadette Peters as an actress who inadvertently lifts a 500-year curse.

This film provides examples of:

  • Badass Boast: When Hamish and John engage in a sword fight, they share some witty banter.
    Hamish: It's only fair to warn you I saw Highlander four times!
    John: Really? Well I once dispatched four highlanders in a single afternoon.
  • Forced Transformation: Both Prince John and Rodney are cursed to be frogs forever.
  • Horseback Heroism: As the prince rides through the city he sees a woman being attacked. He jumps from his horse to go rescue her.
  • Knight In Shining Armour: The reason the prince gets turned into a frog is because he jumps off his white horse to dashingly rescues a damsel in distress.
  • Reincarnation Romance: John and Rodney both fall for women who were reincarnated from unrequited loves centuries before, when Kate was the princess and Serena was the girl Rodney spotted in a crowd.
  • Rescue Sex: The damsel starts trying to reward him and he's all for it but they do get caught.