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"Mobile phones have become the black box of couples, don't you think? Can you think of the number of divorces if everyone snooped on their partner's phone?"
Nothing To Hide (Le Jeu, in French) is a dramatic comedy movie by Fred Cavayé.

A group of old friends gets together for a dinner party, and after debating about the use of cellphones, privacy, and couples, they decide to play a game in which they all put their phones at the table and, whenever one of them rings, all of them can hear and see the message or call that the phone received, no matter who called. This results in secrets being revealed all around.


  • All Just a Dream: In the end, all is back to normal. Marie and Vincent discuss in their apartment that they never actually got to play the game and it's implied that most of the movie was a what-if scenario played about what would have happened if they had actually played the game.
  • Awful Wedded Life: Marco and Charlotte are constantly bickering about their children and his mother, their presence in their life and so on. When the game is suggested, it's clear both are interested in it as a way to confirm their suspicions that the other is cheating, but at the same time shaking.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • Vincent is introduced looking at pictures of breasts in his phone, which makes him look like a cheater. It turns out that these were merely medical photos, since he is a plastic surgeon and those pictures were of his patients. He is in fact one of the few characters not cheating.
    • One of the final calls that Thomas receives reveals that he has bought a necklace and earrings. Léa assumes he bought the earrings for a woman at his work with whom he cheated on her. While he did cheat on her with that women, the earrings were for Marie, with whom he also cheated on her.
  • Downer Ending: The events of the game never happened and were all just a what if scenario, meaning that the secrets were never revealed. While this means that the status quo was maintained, it means that Thomas, Marie, Charlotte and Marcos are still cheating on their spouses, with Thomas having now a bastard child on the way. Charlotte and Marcos' marriage is still damaged despite the fact that revealing their infidelity would be the first step towards making up. Ben is still in the closet to his friends and still unaware they kicked him out of the football team. Vincent is still unaware that Marie is cheating on him and Marie is still unaware that Thomas has yet another woman, that Vincent is seeing a shrink secretly and that her daughter hates her.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Charlotte. She freaks out at the idea that Marco is cheating on her with another man and quickly becomes deranged, however, it's not long after that she receives a message proving she has also been having a virtual affair.
    • Thomas. He becomes enraged when he thinks that Léa's ex is still interested in her due to mistaking the meaning of his messages to her. When she proves that she has been only giving him relationship advice, he still asks her to stop talking to him. In the final act, however, it's revealed he was the one cheating on her with two women, one at his job, whom he has gotten pregnant, and another one is Marie, his friend's wife.
  • White Sheep: By the end of the movie, Ben, Vincent and Lea are basically the only ones with nothing to hide and nothing compromising or hurtful done.
  • With Friends Like These...: It's made clear that despite being long time friends, some of the friendships the group have are not exactly healthy. Ben never came out to them because he knew they were homophobic and has no interest in introducing Julien to them, especially after seeing Thomas and Charlotte's bouts of homophobic behavior, which Léa agrees with. Thomas had also been sleeping with Vincent's wife, despite being his long time friend.
  • Your Cheating Heart: By the end of the movie, almost all characters were cheating on the spouses, with the exception of Vincent, Ben and Léa.

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