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An odd 1981 comedy film that follows the Radiation-Induced Superpowers trope, in which Max Fiedler (Chevy Chase) goes through bad situations in his life, with the final one being that his girlfriend dumps him for a jerk. After leaving a party one day (at a gay bar in Downtown Manhattan), he drives behind a nuclear waste truck dumping nuclear waste on him and his car.

He soon comes home glowing like a green neon sign and goes to bed. The next day he accidentally breaks his mug, not fully knowing that he has superpowers.

This film provides examples of:

  • Immodest Orgasm: When Max is telekinetically pleasuring her, Darcy turns into quite the noisy girl.
  • Improvised Cross: Max starts using his telekinetic powers at the beach house dinner table. The voodoo-practicing maid, Dorita, enters the dining room at this point with a dish of corn. When she becomes aware of what's happening, she quickly fashions a cross out of two ears of corn and gets out of there.
  • Mind over Matter: Max's powers are telekinesis.
  • Modesty Bedsheet: When Max and Darcy are laid in bed together after some telekinetic sex, Darcy always has the duvet pulled up to cover her breasts, even pulling it up slightly to make sure it doesn't fall down.
  • Orgasmatron: Darcy certainly enjoys Max's powers.
  • Power Perversion Potential: Darcy isn't in the mood for sex, and makes them stop before they're finished. Max then decides to use his powers on her to make her "finish". Over and over again.
  • Radiation-Induced Superpowers: How Max gets his powers.
  • Toxic Waste Can Do Anything: Max is given superpowers (specifically, telekinesis) when a toxic waste truck leaks all over his car while he was stuck in traffic behind it. To add to this, it crosses with Lightning Can Do Anything when a lightning bolt transfers his powers to someone else at film's end.
  • X Days Since: The film starts with a big sign "Congratulations New York air traffic control ... days without an accident!" The number is missing. Next minute the controllers deal with a plane dropping its luggage during takeoff, a Cessna pilot dying before landing and a Tunis flight mixing its bearing with a tuna sandwich price.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: After having the first of the incredible orgasms Max gives her with his powers, Darcy's Modesty Bedsheet falls down slightly, briefly revealing one of her nipples, before she pulls it back up.