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Madras Cafe is a 2013 Bollywood film starring John Abraham. It is stale beer variety (served as toddy in an inconspicuous glass bottle) spy fiction, about an Indian intelligence officer (of the Research & Analysis Wing or better known as RAW), played by Abraham, who is involved in covert operations in Northern Sri Lanka against the LTF, a seperatist group in Sri Lanka, that is opposed to a peace between the Tamil rebels and the Sri Lankan government (that is brokered and being implemented by India through a peacekeeping force). This group is led by the determined and charismatic "Anna", who will not stop to obtain an independent Eelam, regardless of the cost in human lives and peace. And the job is not easy (as it is in the murky world of stale beer variety) where he has to be alert, trust nobody and even bear great personal costs.The story then later goes on to show how this led to events that would later lead to the assassination of a certain leader......


The film lacks that typical Filmi Music that are stereotypical of Bollywood (except for one background song). John Abraham, known for being male fanservice is definitely not in that kind of a role, with some scenes of his being fan disservice. And there is hardly any action, other than military combat (its set in a civil war, with assassinations galore) The film has received decent critical reviews.


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