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Love on Delivery (破壞之王; aka. King of Destruction) is a 1994 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Stephen Chow and Lee Lik-Chi. The film stars Chow, Ng Man-tat, and Christy Chung.

The film tells Ho Kam-An, Ho Kam-An is a love-struck dim-sum delivery boy who falls in love to Lily, a beautiful judo student. After being humiliated by her boyfriend (also a black belt) called Black Bear, Ho goes out and seeks the services of an aging kung-fu master who teaches him a half-assed style of kung fu "Karate Kid" style.

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  • Calling Your Attacks: Ho's "Invincible Fireball" ability, which he "learns" from Tat falling down the stairs.
  • Cool, but Stupid. As usual, Ho's "Invincible Fireball" move.
  • Dramatic Unmask: Ho revealing is identity as the "Masked Garfield" in Lily's dream.
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  • Establishing Character Moment: Ho first appears in a Terminator homage, completely naked in an alleyway like Kyle Reese. When the police come, he reveals that he gave his wallet and all of his clothes to a beggar.
  • Mask of Confidence: Ho as the "Masked Garfield".
  • Paranoia Gambit: Ho's strategy against Lau caters to his fear. The month-long training mostly consists of Ho and Tat messing around, to unnerve Lau. This pays off in the first round, where Ho just turns his back on Lau and waits. Lau is too afraid to throw the first punch.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The film poster has Ho with eggs taped over his eyes, imitating Ultraman.
    • As the first round of the final duel between Ho and Lau has them standing still without doing anything, the commentator reads off a copy of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre to give the illusion of a duel to the death. However, he drops the copy mid-narration and mistakenly reads a copy of Jin Ping Mei instead.
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  • Teach Me How To Fight: Ho pleads Tat to teach him how to fight.
  • The Bully: Black Bear, then later Lau.
  • Wax On, Wax Off: Tat's training is a parody of this. The month-long training is just Tat and Ho having fun together... except for the grappling practice on a truck.
  • World of Badass: At the climax, a judge disapproves of Lau continuing the feud between him and Ho. When Lau persists, everyone watching the fight, audience and judges included, reveal themselves to be practitioners of Eagle Claw Kung Fu, and attack him.