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Film / Little Spies

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ominous Stealth Pun

A Disney Sunday Movie which aired in 1986. A group of kids- Jason, Clint, Clarence, Wendell, Kristi, and Jason's little sister Julie- take in a dog which was being chased by a rival gang of kids. The Water Street Gang were selling stolen dogs to The Puppy Town Kennel, which had its own nefarious purposes. The dog is later recaptured by the gang, so the kids concoct a Zany Scheme to get it back (with some help from a nerd named Melvin and later, a Grumpy Old Man known as 'The Hermit'). In the process of rescuing their dog, they uncover the Kennel Master's Evil Plan. Meanwhile, Jason deals with his own guilt over a Dark Secret from his past, involving the disappearance of his old dog, Norton; as well as dealing with his nervousness over Kristi's crush on him, and his own potential feelings for her.


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