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Film / Like Father Like Son 1987

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A 1987 American fantasy-comedy directed by Rod Daniel that has a father and son (Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron) switching bodies and gain insight from each other.

The movie also stars Margaret Colin, Catherine Hicks, Patrick O'Neal, Sean Astin, Camille Cooper, Larry Sellers, Maxine Stuart, David Wohl, Michael Horton, and Bonnie Bedelia.

It was released on October 2, 1987.

Tropes for the film:

  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: The movie has Jack (the father) and Chris (the son) switching bodies through a Native American magic potion that requires eye contact for the bodies to switch souls.
  • No Eye in Magic: The Native American magic potion allows two persons to transfer their souls into each other's bodies by making eye contact with each other. Jack mistakes the potion for Tabasco sauce, which he then puts into his drink, and then he makes eye contact with his son, Chris, and the two of them end up switching bodies.
  • Tagline: "Chris and his dad have accidentally changed bodies - but no big deal. Chris gets the Jag and the Gold Card. Dad gets the fake ID and the bio final".