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L'amore molesto is a 1995 film by Mario Martone which is based on the work of Elena Ferrante. Its English title is Nasty Love.

It is about a comic book writer, Delia, living in Bologna, whose mother Amelia dies mysteriously in Naples drowning in the sea. Delia is eager to learn whether the cause for that was suicide as it is stated by the police or whether the murder has happened. So she then sets out for Naples to make her own investigation.



  • Abusive Parents: Delia's father is this not only in her childhood but also when she is a middle-aged woman. He meets her with a greeting "you have become older" although he obviously looks much older than her. Later he slaps her several times too.
  • Cat Scare: When Delia returns to her older house she is scared by the rattle. He thinks it is her follower but it actually turns out to be a cat. No-one followed her.
  • Children Are Innocent: Invoked in that film, that's why the father and uncle of Delia believe her when she accuses her mother of adultery with Caserta.
  • Dark and Troubled Past - for many of the characters. Delia included. it later is implied that she was raped by an old man.
  • Elevator Escape: Caserta once goes down in elevator and Delia runs up too late as he is already going down.
  • Handicapped Badass: Uncle Filippo whose had does not work says that he always was fit and still remains so.
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  • High-Altitude Interrogation: That's what Delia's father and uncle do to Caserta's son to intimidate Caserta and make him leave the neighbourhood.
  • Jerkass: Both the uncle Filippo and especially the father of Delia.
  • Lady in Red: Delia obviously becomes that when she put on the red dress which makes a part of the plot.
  • Low-Speed Chase: As one aged person chases after another aged person.
  • MacGuffin: The red dress which is also included on the posters.
  • Monochrome Past: Rather sepia past. All Delia's flashbacks are shown in sepia.
  • Stairs Are Faster: Decisively subverted as Caserta by the elevator goes to the ground floor much quicker that Delia on her heels by the stairs.

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