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Kita Kita is a 2017 Philippine film directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo which starred Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez.

Set primarily in Saporro, Japan, the film revolves around the romance between Lea, a tourist guide who went blind due to stress after a breakup, and Tonyo a fellow Filipino migrant.

Kita Kita provides examples of:

  • Broken Bird: Lea after being cheated on by her former Japanese boyfriend. She became temporarily blind as a result.
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  • "Dear John" Letter: Tonyo writes one to Lea but was unable to send the letter to her. It doesn't help he died in a vehicular accident. The letter concerned about Tony's feelings for Lea and also talks about his previous indirect interactions with her.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Lea gets drunk at a bar over issues with her Japanese boyfriend. Tonyo is another example who became an alcoholic homeless guy over his own heartbreak back when he was in Tokyo.
  • Exotic Backdrop Setting: The movie is set in Japan but the main characters are Filipinos. The only interactions towards the Japanese is one scene when Lea talked with domestic tourists in Sapporo and when she dated her former Japanese boyfriend.
  • Spaghetti Kiss: At least in the poster, Lea and Tonto are shown chewing on the same ramen noodle.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Tonyo, who became infatuated with Lea after she was unintentially included in Tonyo' selfie.
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  • Temporary Blindness: Lea is afflicted with this.
  • Thousand Paper Cranes: Lea mentions the superstition behind folding a thousand paper cranes to fulfill a wish to Tonto at one point. Paper cranes are also one of the motifs present in the movie's theatrical release poster.
  • Product Placement: Sapporo Beer is Tonyo's beer of choice. Lea and Tonyo even visited the Sapporo Beer Museum.
  • Thematic Theme Tune: Two Less Lonely People in the World captures the sentiment of the two protagonists.

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