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Film / I'll Wait for the Next One

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I'll Wait for the Next One ("J'attendrai le suivant") is a 2002 short film (four minutes!) from France directed by Philippe Orriendy.

A woman descends the escalator on a Paris Metro station and boards a train. Right after the doors close a man starts talking to the passengers. He says that he isn't begging for change, but in fact he is looking for true love, and wants a real connection. As the man says that he's "sporty" and a good cook and makes a decent salary, the woman decides to take a chance.



  • Awful Wedded Life: One passenger says he can't stand his wife and offers to give the man her phone number.
  • Cringe Comedy: The man says that any woman looking for love and interested in his offer can get off at the next stop. The woman does, only for the man to turn and, just as the doors are closing, tell her that he was only performing a sketch.
  • Establishing Character Moment: A four-minute movie very quickly tells us what we need to know about the young woman, when she turns and watches a young couple kissing on the up escalator as she's going down.
  • Extremely Short Timespan: A four-minute movie tells a story that lasts—about four minutes, give or take a little bit before the woman boards the Metro car.
  • Real Time: Almost an Enforced Trope with a movie this short, but everything from the moment the man starts talking is in real time.
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  • Street Performer: What the young man on the train really is, to the woman's mortification.


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