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All her bones are decaying and her organs are all rancid and her blood is malignant as slime...

Hospital Massacre (also known as X-Ray and more rarely as Ward 13) is a 1982 Slasher Movie, directed by Boaz Davidson for The Cannon Group.

On Valentine's Day in 1961, a little girl named Susan Jeremy, after being left a Valentine by nerdy classmate Harold Rusk, crumpled it up and mocked Harold along with her friend David, who Harold (who had been watching the two from outside Susan‘s house note ) killed in a fit of rage by somehow impaling him on a hatstand while Susan was in the kitchen getting cake.

Exactly nineteen years later, Susan (by now divorced from her husband Tom, with a daughter named Eva, and a fiancé named Jack) is stopping by a hospital to pick up the results of a routine check up required by her new job, but finds herself being forced to stay overnight by the staff after a man in surgical attire secretly murders her personal physician and tampers with her file. As the masked man starts murdering medical personal and appears to be zeroing in on her, Susan realizes something is horribly wrong, but her concerns are ignored by everyone except an ever so helpful intern named Harry, who begins trying to help her escape the hospital, which is quickly becoming a bloodbath...


The doctors say this film shows symptoms of the following:

  • The Alcoholic: Hal, a lecherous drunk prone to wandering the halls.
  • Attempted Rape: Hal tries forcing himself on Susan.
  • Bandage Mummy: Susan stumbles upon a trio of patients like this while trying to escape from the murderous doctor.
  • Bedlam House: The hospital really gives off this vibe.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In the loosest sense possible. Right when Harold is going to cut Susan's heart out, her roommates randomly wander into the room, distracting Harold long enough for Susan to grab a knife off the operating tray and stab him with it.
  • Cast as a Mask: Don Grenough portrayed Harold in his surgical attire.
  • Cowboy: There's apparently one with the mumps in Ward 11.
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  • Cover Drop: Harold about to cut Susan's heart out.
  • Deadly Doctor: Harold, since he actually is employed by the hospital.
  • Freak Out: Harold experiences one after killing the janitor.
  • Man on Fire: Susan uses her lighter to set Harold on fire, after spilling chemicals on him.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Young Susan getting slices of cake for herself and David; there's intense music, gratuitous zoom-ins, she takes the biggest knife available, and then viciously hacks the cake completely in half with it.
  • Noodle Implements: Why is there a screwdriver in a tray of medical tools?
  • Noodle Incident: Jack mentions a patient apparently ran amok in the hospital the previous year.