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Film / Heaven Can Wait (1943)

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He can't wait to meet her.
Heaven Can Wait is a 1943 American comedy film produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Gene Tierney and Don Ameche. The screenplay was written by Samson Raphaelson, based on the play Birthday by Leslie Bush-Fekete. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematography - Color.

The film follows Henry van Cleve (Ameche), a man hoping to prove he deserves a place in hell by recounting his life story to the Devil at the reception of hell. Henry talks of his life, in which he was the spoiled only child of an upper class family. For much of his youth, including childhood, he spent his time chasing various women. The day before his 26th birthday, he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Martha Strabels (Tierney). Though she is engaged to his obnoxious cousin, Henry is able persuade her to elope with him. The rest of their marriage chronicles both and happiness and difficulty they face in staying together.

Despite the title, has no connection with the Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait, which is actually a remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan.


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