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Film / Half Shot Shooters

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The Stooges become discharged after hearing that World War I is over desperate not doing anything. After being discharged, they get back at their Sargent, MacGillicuddy (Stanley Blystone), for how he treated them. 17 years, they find themselves despite for a job, so they get a suggestion by a man (Vernon Dent) to sign up at a recruiting station. Little did they know, they find out they'd signed up for the army. To make matters worse, MacGillicuddy was there, and will he get even with them.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: The Stooges hadn't even done anything but sleep during World War I, and thanks to MacGillicuddy, they were given honor medals from the wounds he gave 'em.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After being discharged, the Stooges discover that they won't be taking anymore orders from MacGillicuddy, and they get back at him by striking his butt with a plank with nails on the end, pulling his armpit hairs and kicking him with a mule! Doubles as Disproportionate Retribution.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Sargent MacGillicuddy. During WWI, and as Moe and Larry implied, he's treated them pretty bad.
  • Foreshadowing: As mentioned above about the Stooges getting back at MacGillicuddy, he vows to get back at the trio. Fast-forward 17 years later, he finds the three in the recruiting office where he was working at and finds them in his charge again.
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  • Gone Horribly Right: Had it not been for MacGillicuddy giving Curly and Larry black eyes and Moe a broken arm for their tomfoolery, the three wouldn't have been rewarded medals.
    Curly: Thanks, pal.
    MacGillicuddy: For what?
    Moe: (pointing to his broken arm) For this.
    Curly: (pointing to his black right eye) And this.
    Larry: (pointing to his black left eye) And this.
    MacGillicuddy: (chuckles) Thanking me for beating ya up?
    Moe: Sure. (the Stooges show their medals) They decorated us!
    Curly: They thought we were wounded in action!
    Larry: Look.
  • Oh, Crap!: As the Stooges sign up for a job, to which they were tricked into by a bystander, Curly notices a poster that says "U.S. Army — Join Now". Curly tries to explain it, but Moe, naturally, shuts him up and makes him sign. Then...
    Captain Burke: Take these over to Fort Singer.
    Moe: You mean those papers we signed were to join the army?
    Burke: Of course. You're in the army now.
    MacGillicuddy: As I live, I'm seein' things. three of 'em.
    Moe: Boys, you remember Sgt. MacGillicuddy.
    Curly: Yeah, his mother and my mother are both mothers!
    Larry: No, he helped us win the war!
    Burke: Sergeant, take these men over to Fort Singer. They're in your charge.
    MacGillicuddy: (salutes) With pleasure.
  • Time Skip: The first part takes place in WWI, in 1918. The next part, along with the rest of the story, takes place in 1935, 17 years later.
  • Wham Line: Once the Stooges finish signing up, Captain Burke says, "Take these over to Fort Singer.", kickstarting the trio's next big mess they got themselves into.

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