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While others will come to accept that [Batman's] crusade has come to an end, for Dick Grayson it begins again.
Grayson is a 2004 Short Film by director John Fiorella revolving around Dick Grayson, former protege to Batman, who has apparently been murdered. To avenge him, husband and dad Grayson puts on his old tights, vest, and mask and dives into Gotham's underworld to find out who killed his former mentor. However, a litany of characters, from Chief O'Hara and throughout the DC Universe from Superman to Green Lanternnote  defy Grayson's attempts to uncover the truth.

The film is in the form of a trailer for a fictitious movie with the same name. There exists a full-length screenplay based on the trailer, though due to copyright issues it is never planned to be made. Despite a DC moratorium on fan films, Grayson is considered one of the best and most imaginative.

Here's a link to the trailer.

Grayson provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Villainy: Chief O'Hara is present as a Corrupt Cop, as opposed to an ally to Batman and Commissioner Gordon.
  • Adult Fear: A psychopathic criminal is with your daughter, who you are trying desperately to search for.
  • Back in the Saddle: Grayson.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Grayson.
  • Darker and Edgier: By all accounts, this short film seems to be a grittier version of the 60s Batman TV Show.
  • Driving Question: Who killed Batman? And why don't they want Grayson involved?
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  • Ensemble Cast: or almost certainly would be, if Hollywood were to make such a movie, and pick actors to play the various superheroes and villains.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Chief O'Hara. All is known is that he wants Robin "out of the equation".
  • Fanon Discontinuity:invoked In the DC universe, Dick Grayson does go solo, but under the name Nightwing, not as Robin. In this film, Grayson reprises his Robin alter ego. The director discusses this in the "behind the scenes" footage saying it was a deliberate decision as Robin is far better known than Nightwing by the general public outside of comic fans.
  • Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: O'Hara gives this to someone while also yelling at them.
  • Happily Married: Dick and Barbara, until he put on the costume again.
  • Male Gaze: Selina Kyle is introduced with a shot of her strutting ass.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The fanfilm is ripe with references to the 60s Batman show, right down to having Chief O'Hara as a major character.
    • The Joker has long green fingernails, similar to his appearance in Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.
  • Noodle Incident: Grayson seems to have a negative history with Superman, if the scene of Grayson knocking a comics shelf which includes a Superman comic is anything to go by.
  • No-Sell: Grayson tries to punch Superman, only for this reaction to happen.
  • Off-the-Shelf FX: The Batman memorial statue was a figure painted gray and made to look large through forced perspective. Also, the body bag Batman is zipped up in was simply a garment bag.
  • Real Trailer, Fake Movie: of a literal sort: Grayson is the name of a long-form movie based on the trailer presented in (as) this film, which was never made.
  • Retired Badass: Barbara, the former Batgirl. When she learned Dick is putting on the suit, she took their daughter and left him until he stops.
  • Secret Keeper: Gordon and apparently O'Hara know Grayson is Robin. O'Hara may also know Clark is Superman.
  • Skyward Scream: Wonder Woman, at the sight of Superman's body.
  • Suburbia: Grayson's life at the time of the film.
  • Taking the Bullet: Robin dives in front of O'Hara and a baby to shield them from getting shot by the Joker.
  • Zipping Up the Bodybag: Batman at the start of the film.

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