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Giallo a Venezia is a 1979 giallo directed by Mario Landi and starring Leonora Fani, Jeff Blynn, and Gianni Dei. The story follows a detective investigating the murder of a married couple in Venice involving a sexually abusive cocaine addict husband while, at the same time, an unknown killer commits multiple grisly murders.

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Contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Marzia is stripped down, strapped to an operating table, and gruesomely tortured to death.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: It's a giallo set in Venice.
  • Fan Disservice: Mariangela Giordano is a beautiful woman with a fine figure. She doesn't look so nice, though, when she's being slowly tortured to death.
  • Gorn: Of all kinds, including a woman's leg being slowly sawed off with a long knife.


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