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Film / Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

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The last installment in Hammer Film Production's Frankenstein series, released in 1974.

One Simon Helder is caught trying to replicate the works of Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), and is sentenced to spend five years in the state asylum for the criminally insane, where Baron himself was sent to several years ago. Upon arriving there, he finds out that Baron Frankenstein now works under the name Dr. Karl Victor and has taken the place over. Baron takes Simon under his wing to aid him in his official, and later, private work. Work that involves creating a new monster (David Prowse)...


This film has examples of:

  • Bedlam House: The state asylum, where patients are brutalized for fun by the orderlies and are sexually abused by its director when Baron Frankenstein isn't overseeing things. Baron also implies that things were much worse before he took control of the place.
  • Character Name and the Noun Phrase: The title of the film.
  • The Dreaded: Baron Frankenstein holds the asylum in an iron grip, and workers and patients alike are afraid to go against him.
  • Driven to Suicide:
    • Baron got a hold on caveman-like Schneider's body when he tried to kill himself by jumping through a window.
    • To get access on Professor Durendel's brain, Baron arranges him to kill himself by leaving notes about his insanity's incurability in his cell.
  • Eye Scream: When Simon finds the partially stitched-together Schneider in Baron's private laboratory, he takes note that his eyes are missing. Baron then tells him that Schneider lost them when he leapt to his death from his cell, and was impaled on the spiked railing beneath.
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  • Faking the Dead: Officially, Baron Frankenstein is dead and buried on the asylum grounds.
  • Grave Robbing: The film opens with Simon's alcoholic assistant digging up a specimen for his studies. A constable catches him on the act, leading to Simon's capture and trip to the asylum.
  • Grievous Bottley Harm: While he was alive, Schneider had a fascination with broken glass, which led him to stab people with broken bottles. He continues to do so even when another man's brain is put inside his head.
  • Secret Path: Baron has a secret laboratory next to his practice, entrance to which is hidden behind an anatomical chart.
  • The Speechless: Sarah, Baron's personal nurse in the asylum, doesn't speak due to going through trauma of her father trying to rape her. The shock of seeing Frankenstein's creation attacking Simon gives the ability back to her.


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