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Foolproof is a 2003 Ryan Reynolds heist-comedy following a trio of young adults who make plans for perfect crimes as a hobby. A real criminal (David Suchet) steals their handbook, uses it to pull a heist, and then blackmails the trio into helping him with a second theft.


  • Action Girl: Sam practices martial arts and uses them on a thug who threatens her during her first meeting with Leo. She climbs through an elevator shaft and narrowly avoids the elevator while scouting for the heist. She holds Leo at gunpoint, hinting he should let them quit his service. When he mockingly asks if Sam thinks he'd give her a loaded gun, she reveals that she pickpocketed the ammo clip from him.
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  • Faux Affably Evil: Leo acts like a soft-spoken Gentleman Thief who respects his blackmail victims and abhors violence. It's all an act, as he has a sadistic streak, doesn't believe in Honor Among Thieves, and is completely callous about the apparent death of a seemingly loyal accomplice.
  • Intimate Telecommunications: An office drone the heroes spy on before the robbery calls a woman and tells her to remove her bra, sniff it and start masturbating, while he does the same. They nickname him "Captain Phone Sex."
  • The Red Baron: Phantom Thief Leo Gillette is known as "Leo the Touch."
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Rob goes from the Plucky Comic Relief of the trio to an aloof, dedicated criminal under Leo's tutelage, sabotaging the others' attempt to get out from under Leo's thumb and then trying to kill them. Subverted with the reveal that he's still working with Kevin and Sam and is just trying to earn Leo's trust for the Batman Gambit to bring him down.

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