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Film / 5 Men and a Limo

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The four minute-long introduction sketch for the 26th Annual Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards (1997), which happens to be an epic spoof of every In a World...-type trailer out there and stars all the voice actors who made them (back then), including Don LaFontaine himself.

Copies of the video can be found all over the net, google it.

Tropes found in the video:

  • Adorkable: Mark. He wears a bright-colored sweater instead of a tux and at the end goes skipping off to the award ceremony ahead of the others.
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  • All-Star Cast: Invoked by Don, who sets out specifically to assemble an all-star crew. Except chances are, you've never seen anyone's face before.
  • Avengers, Assemble!: Don's mission: getting all of the top voice talents into one car. "MINE..."
  • Cool Car: Don's limousine.
  • Dream Team: Don assembles one.
  • Face Palm: By Don, after Mark starts listing "all your favorite vendors".
  • Glasses Pull: Just before Nick delivers his signature line.
  • In a World...: Delivered by the Man himself.
  • Large Ham: Everyone. Except Hendricks and Mark.
  • Long List: Mark's specialty, to everyone else's annoyance.
  • Mood Whiplash: Introducing Mark right after Nick. Also, generally whenever Mark speaks.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: It's just six guys going to the movie awards. But it is awesome.
  • Nice Hat: Al's beret.
  • Only Sane Man: Hendricks, the driver of the car.
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  • Plucky Comic Relief: Mark. Also, he wears a yellow sweater when everyone else is in a black suit.
  • Power Walk: The ending. Except Mark, of course.
  • Shout-Out: "Now that's a knife".
  • Sinister Shades: Nick and Al sport them.
  • Time Abyss: Nick, or at least his voice, is "65 million years in the making".
  • Token Minority: Al. Hendricks would count, but he is not the "team" member.
  • The Voice: Hal Douglas.


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