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A 2001 American satirical buddy cop action thriller film written and directed by John Herzfeld, about a New York City homicide Detective (Robert De Niro) and fire marshal (Edward Burns) teaming up to stop a pair of murderers (Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov) who are trying to become famous through their crimes.

The movie also stars Kelsey Grammer, Avery Brooks, Melina Kanakaredes, Vera Farmiga, John Di Resta, James Handy, Darius McCrary, among others.

It was released on March 9, 2001.


Tropes for the film:

  • Fame Through Infamy: The plot has the two bad guys murder people and record it to go viral on the internet.
  • Immoral Journalist: The murder of a famous detective is filmed by the perpetrator as part of an elaborate scheme to get off on an Insanity Defense and become rich and famous from the sale of the tape. Afterward the murderer calls Robert Hawkins, the host of a tabloid TV show named Top Story and offers to sell him the tape. Hawkins buys it for one million dollars to run on his show, much to the shock of the entire city.
  • Just Ignore It: The movie is about a pair of foreign terrorists who seek to videotape their murders, give the footage to the news, and become infamous that way. The ad campaign used the line "the only way to stop them... is not to watch."