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Feeling Through is a 2019 short film (19 minutes) directed by Doug Roland.

Tareek is a homeless teenager living on the streets of New York. He texts a friend with hopes of getting a place to crash for the night but is rebuffed. He texts a girl he knows, and is waiting to hear from her, when he sees a man on a lonely street corner holding a sign.

The man is Artie, and he is both deaf and blind. The sign he's holding announces that he'll need help crossing the street. Tareek guides him across the street and to a bus stop, where they bond, with Artie scribbing what he wants to say on a notebook while Tareek traces letters on Artie's hand.



  • Call-Back: While dealing with Artie, Tareek is bothered by another homeless man, a significantly older one who is shaking a cup and begging for change. Tareek, obviously stone broke himself, blows the man off—but at the end he puts the $10 he stole from Artie in the cup.
  • Extremely Short Timespan: A couple of hours, as a homeless teen helps a deaf-and-blind man catch a bus.
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged: A deaf-and-blind man helps Tareek to face the future with a little more hope.
  • Off-into-the-Distance Ending: Tareek walking away down the street after giving the $10 to the older homeless man.
  • Pop-Up Texting
    • The texts Tareek exchanges with his friend and his girlfriend, as he looks for a place to sleep, pop up on screen in the standard way.
    • A slightly more unusual version of this trope, in which the messages Tareek is drawing on Artie's hand appear as handwriting on the screen.
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  • Secret Test of Character: Unintentional, and at first failed before eventually passed. When Tareek takes Artie's wallet to pay for Artie's bottle of water at the bodega, he pockets a $10 bill, earning a disapproving stare from the cashier. At the end, however, he drops the $10 in the older homeless man's cup.
  • Sleep Cute: A non-romantic version, as Tareek and Artie both fall asleep, leaning against each other, as they sit and wait at the bus stop.
  • Suddenly Speaking: Artie is deaf and dumb but he isn't mute, as he shows when he addresses Tareek as "Young man!", in his only words of dialogue.
  • Talking with Signs: Artie communicates with people by writing things on a notebook. A curious Tareek flips through the notebook to find out about Artie's date, but stops when he gets to the page where Artie wrote "Can I kiss you?".