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A 2011 British film following athletes Shania Andrews and Lisa Temple as they compete against and then with each other as they work their way up into the British 4x100 metres relay team and compete in the World Championships. The animosity between them constantly threatens to undermine the success of the team, not helped by Lisa’s pushy father and Shania’s lack of responsibility.

It is notable for being one of a few British films to feature a woman of colour in the lead role.



  • Calling the Old Man Out: Lisa to her father, when she demands that Shania be put back on the team and that she's going to race for herself, not him.
  • Expository Hairstyle: Lisa has a long, sleek ponytail that just screams Alpha Bitch.
  • Expy: There was a slight hiccup on the grounds of the film not being allowed to use the word "Olympics" so they went with "World Championships" instead.
  • Love Triangle: A minor one between Shania, Carl and Lisa. Thankfully, it's not the root of the girls' competitiveness, and doesn't impinge much on the story.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Carl is just sort of there to provide some eye-candy for the audience and emotional support for the girls. There's an attempt to give him a bit of backstory (his knee injury) but he remains pretty bland.
  • Second Place Is for Losers: In Lisa's words: you don't "win" second place, it's just a consolation prize for not coming first.
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  • Slow Motion: During most of the races.
  • Stage Dad: Lisa's dad puts immense pressure on her to compete well.
  • Team Mum: Trix
  • Training Montage: Naturally.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Early on the girls mention to Shania that dating one of the staff would result in Carl getting fired. This never comes up again.


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