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Some times it takes a whole lot of chicken to catch criminals.

Extreme Job is a 2019 South Korean crime-comedy film, directed by Lee Byung-Hun. The film focuses a team of quirky narcotics detectives down on their luck, who constantly fails to catch their targets and only succeeds in causing property damages and getting their cases stolen. The chief of police gives them an ultimatum: solve a big case or the team gets dismantled.

Desperate to make the best of their last chance, they ended up working under cover in a chicken joint to try and bust a gang of an infamous organized criminals. Hilarity Ensues when their special recipe unexpectdly turns the run-down restaurant into the new hottest eatery in the district, attracting attentions from media, other law enforcement units, and even the very criminal cartel the team is hunting down.

Extreme Job proved to be both critically acclaimed and commercially successful in South Korea, becoming the highest grossing Korean comedy film of all time and fourth in general, as of this editing.


This film provides examples of:

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: The squad may be a group of idiots who can't investigate their way through a preschool missing cookie case, but as the final massive fight fully demonstrates, each of them is a consummate grade-A hardass of the highest degree. To wit:
    • Chief Go's nickname of 'Zombie' is not a metaphor for his career being dead and still going-it's a euphemism for his ability to shrug off massive wounds and still somehow get the goddamn job done, such as apprehending the primary antagonist in the boat scene.
    • Detective Jang is impulsive, ditzy, and prone to using violence to get her way. She is also a multi-time Muay Thai champion who levels over a dozen criminals with aplomb.
    • Detective Young-Ho may not be able to stakeout or roleplay for his life, but with his former background as a member of the elite UDT/SEAL Spec Ops unit of the Korean Navy, perhaps his talents were misused to begin with.
    • Detective Ma's chicken recipe seems to be the only thing that looks remotely useful about him, given his verbal tics and strange mannerisms. Then we find out he is an ex-member of the national judo team and a hand-to-hand combat instructor.
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    • Detective Jae-Hoon is the baby of the bunch, a recent graduate who has no idea what he is doing. But as a former member of the Korean high school baseball teams, apparently he knows his way around massive fights as well as anyone.

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