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Everyone Says I Love You is a 1996 musical dramedy written and directed by Woody Allen and starring a large Ensemble Cast of actors who aren't known for their singing.

Like a lot of Woody Allen movies, the film is set in New York and features loads of characters. This particular film distinguishes itself by having the characters randomly break into song. The musical numbers, and the entire tone of the film are a Shout-Out to the musicals of the 1920s and 1930s.

Characters include:

  • DJ Berlin (Natasha Lyonne) - The Narrator of the film, daughter of Joe and Steffie
  • Joe Berlin (Woody Allen) - Father of DJ, ex-husband of Steffie. Also a neurotic, insecure writer.
  • Steffie Dandridge (Goldie Hawn) - Mother of DJ, Lane and Laura; ex-wife of Joe, wife of Bob. A philanthropist.
  • Bob Dandridge (Alan Alda) - Father of Skylar, Scott, Lane and Laura; husband of Steffie. A lawyer.
  • Scott Dandridge (Lukas Haas) - Bob's son from his first marriage; considered the Black Sheep of the family for his conservative beliefs.
  • Skylar Dandridge (Drew Barrymore) - Bob's daughter from his first marriage. Dating Holden.
  • Lane and Laura Dandridge (Gaby Hoffmann and Natalie Portman) - Bob and Steffie's daughters. Sometimes creep into Bratty Teenage Daughter territory.
  • Holden Spence (Edward Norton) - Skylar's boyfriend/fiance, a lawyer who works for Bob.
  • Von Sidell (Julia Roberts) - A woman whose therapy sessions DJ listens in to (the therapist is the mother of one of Lane and Laura's friends) and decides would be a perfect match for her father.
  • Charles Ferry (Tim Roth) - a recently-released criminal who Steffie invites for dinner; he takes an interest in Skylar.


  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Skylar dumps Holden to hook up with Charles.
    Steffi: Speaking as a woman, Holden can be very animal too.
    Skylar: Yes, Mom, but it's of the gerbil family.
  • Amicable Exes: Joe and Steffie. Helped by Joe getting along well with Bob.
  • Arc Words: The song "I'm Through With Love" is repeated by every character, leading up to the climactic dance between Steffie and Joe by the Seine. Ends up being a Brick Joke when DJ's umpteenth love interest gangsta raps it on stage.
  • Author Avatar: Writer/director Woody Allen as Joe
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Von breaks up with Joe because he's too perfect for her, not knowing that Joe was privvy to all of her deepest secrets and desires. When Joe asks her what she would have thought if he DID have access to them, she replies that she'd think he was pathetic.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: As The Narrator, DJ does this often.
    DJ: We're not the typical family from a musical comedy.
    • When Bob starts singing "I'm Through With Love" when Skylar reveals she dumped Holden, Steffie quizzically asks, "What are you singing about? You're not in love with Holden!"
  • Carpe Diem: "Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)"
    Grandpa's Ghost: Some day you say, you'll have some fun, when you're a millionaire. (sings) Imagine all that fun you'll have in your old rocking chair!
  • City of Canals: Joe and DJ holiday in Venice.