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Entr'acte is a 1924 French short film directed by Rene Clair.

It was originally intended to play during, literally, the entr'acte (that is to say, the Intermission) of a ballet performance. The ballet in question was called Relâche, a French word normally used to indicate that a theatrical performance has been cancelled. The ballet was written by Erik Satie, who also wrote the music for the film.

Like the ballet it was created for, Entr'acte was part of the Dada movement. As such, it doesn't exactly have a plot. Amongst all the unrelated surrealistic images, the most sensical storyline that can be picked out involves a man who shoots an egg thing and falls off a building, which is then followed by his strange funeral.



  • Disney Villain Death: Someone shoots the hunter, causing him to fall off the building he's standing on. Cut to his funeral.
  • The "Fun" in "Funeral": It was a normal funeral, give or take a camel, until the hearse started rolling away and everyone had to chase after it for miles.
  • Head Pet: After the hunter shoots the egg, a bird flies out and lands on his hat.
  • Magic Wand: At the end, the hunter/magician uses a wand to vanish everyone, ending with himself.
  • Not Quite Dead: At the end of their merry chase after the hearse, the hunter pops out of his coffin alive.
  • Overcrank: The early part of the funeral march is in slow motion.
  • Panty Shot: There are several shots of the camera looking up the skirt of a ballet dancer. It's probably not meant as Fanservice in this case, but you never know.
  • Stop Trick: Used for the vanishing effect at the end.
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  • Stage Magician: The hunter is dressed like one when he gets out of his coffin.

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