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Inspired by a true, made-in-New Mexico story, this upbeat 2003 film follows a girls' high school basketball team as they learn how to win. Led by their coach, the girls discover the values of passion, dedication, and discipline as they climb from the bottom of their division to compete for the state title. Edge of America tells a story about cross-cultural communication, the values of community and commitment, and the thrill of victory.

James McDaniel plays Mr. Kenny Williams, a black man from Texas who moves out to Utah to accept a position as an English teacher at the Three Nations Reservation. He has a difficult time fitting in with the tight-knit Native American community, especially when he's asked to coach the high school girls' basketball team. He has to struggle with getting the hapless team back in shape to play against the nearby all-white high school.


Tropes associated with Edge of America:

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Franklin is the resident bad boy. Carla, who has a bit more screen time then the other girls, is dating him.
  • Angry Black Man: Kenny Lampshades this in an argument with Annie.
    Kenny Williams: What the hell's going on?
    Annie Shorty: They don't understand why you're pissed off all the time.
    Kenny: Look, I've had to deal with Norville, Homer, Shirleen.
    Annie: Shirleen?
    Kenny: Yeah, she went out and got herself pregnant.
    Annie: She's not perfect, she made a mistake, but to you she's just another dark-skinned girl dragging down the race.
    Kenny: I didn't say that.
    Annie: You thought it.
    Kenny: Oh, so now you can read my thoughts.
    Annie: Those girls do everything you ask them to do. They practice hard, they get good grades, they win.
    Kenny: Then you tell me why I'm pissed off.
    Annie: Because you're a black man in America.
    Kenny: That's right, I'm good and pissed off.
    Annie: Well then, get over it! You're talking to Indian people here! Get over it, get on with it, or get the hell out!
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  • Cool Old Guy: Cutch, Marissa's uncle.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Kenny Williams and Annie Shorty
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Cutch. Janitor, mechanic, and bus driver.
    • He also moonlights as Kenny's adviser.
  • Missing Mom: Carla's mother. It's implied that she died.