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Film / Dying Young

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A 1991 American romance drama directed by Joel Schumacher that has a young nurse (Julia Roberts) falling for a terminally ill patient (Campbell Scott) she is caring for.

The movie also stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Colleen Dewhurst, Ellen Burstyn, David Selby, George Martin, and AJ Johnson.

It was released on June 21, 1991.

Tropes for the film:

  • The Film of the Book: Based on the book of the same name by Marti Leimbach.
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  • Florence Nightingale Effect: A tragic version where Hilary falls for Victor, a man with leukemia whom she's supposed to be treating.
  • Plot-Inciting Infidelity: The movie starts with Hilary catching her boyfriend cheating, moves out of their apartment and becomes a live-in nurse to a rich, 28 year-old man named Victor with leukemia.
  • Tagline: "She's giving him something nobody else could. A reason to live".