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Durian Durian (榴槤飄飄) is an art-house Hong Kong movie by Fruit Chan released in 2000.

Yan is a young woman from northern China who has moved to Hong Kong for three months (the duration of her visa) in order to work as a prostitute. She services dozens of clients a day, and in between tricks, becomes acquainted with Fan, the pre-teen daughter of a family from Guangdong staying in Hong Kong illegally. Fan and her mother eke out a living washing restaurant dishes in a back alley, while her father conducts a bit of cross-border trade.


When her visa expires, Yan moves back to her hometown but stays in touch with Fan, who sends her a durian as a gift.

Not to be confused with the British band Duran Duran.

Contains examples of:

  • Edible Bludgeon: Yan's pimp is knocked unconscious by an attacker wielding a durian as a melee weapon.
  • Foreign Queasine: Neither Fan's family nor Yan's parents are acquainted with durians. They decline to taste due to the fruit's overpowering smell.
  • Opening Monologue: One by Yan, and then one by Fan, each providing elements of their respective backstories.
  • Slice of Life

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