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Don't Blink is a 2014 American psychological horror film written and directed by Travis Oates.

A group of ten friends goes to spend some time together in a resort in the woods. They quickly realize something is wrong when the weather behaves oddly, the animals seem to have vanished and there are no one else besides them. Mysteriously, one by one seem to be disappearing when the others stop looking at them, prompting everyone to paranoid horror.



  • Downer Ending: Claire is the only main character left, and help finally gets to the cabin, but when she turns away for a moment, everyone vanishes again and she is left alone. Looking at herself in a mirror, she seems to have fully given up on surviving this experience and blinks.
  • Dwindling Party: Soon after investigating the place, everyone realizes something is wrong. Tracy vanishes and with that, people start vanishing one by one.
  • Eldritch Location: The resort. Whatever exactly happens there is never made clear, but people vanish out of thin air together with any clear evidence of themselves including blood when they're there.
  • A House Divided: Twice over characters are led to such a degree of absolute paranoia they turn against each other.
  • Inescapable Horror: Whatever is taking people away is never specified or given form. The only way to make sure that they will be safe is to have someone constantly looking at you and since that is impossible (as they may blink or sleep), whenever you get into the area, your days are numbered.
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  • Nothing Is Scarier: Whatever is happening is never clarified. The viewer spends the entire movie as in the dark as any of the characters.
  • Uncertain Doom: Whatever happens to the people that vanished is not clear. They might still be alive somehow, but there is no way to know. Alex is the only confirmed kill, as he shoots himself.

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