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Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da! A flying we will go!
"Republic of Cannabeer, P.U. Draft Board No. 145 I.O.U.
Wrong Brothers, R.F.D. Stincoala, Moronica.
Sirs, this draft board has decided to extend to you a thirty day deferment from military service. This is based on your claim that you have invented an airplane that will revolutionize flying. However, if at the end of thirty days you have not proven your plane to be all that you claim it is, you will be inducted into the service.
Very truly yours, Joe Strubachincoscow."

Whew, what a moniker.
Moe, first lines in the short.
Dizzy Pilots is the 74th short subject released by Columbia Pictures in 1943 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges. In it, the Stooges are known as the Wrong brothers, a trio of aviators in the "Republic of Cannabeer, P.U." who receive an army draft notice. The notice says the brothers have been granted a 30-day deferment of duty on account of their claims that the plane they are inventing, the “Buzzard”, will revolutionize flying. Curly proudly announces that their plane has put them among other "great inventors" like Robert Fulton, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Don Ameche.

The boys get to work, but a series of mishaps cause them to get sidetracked; Moe twice gets knocked into a tub of rubber cement. The first time it happens, Larry and Curly try to get the rubber off Moe by expanding the rubber with hydrogen. Unfortunately, Moe floats to the top of the airplane hangar and into the sky, and Larry and Curly take aim with a shotgun and blast him to safety, resulting in Moe falling down a nearby well. The project is plagued by more mishaps, including a disastrous test flight. As expected, the Stooges are drafted into the army, where they run afoul with their drill sergeant (Richard Fiske), disrupting marching and weapons handling drills. This part incorporates Stock Footage from the 1940 short Boobs in Arms.



  • Balloonacy / "Pop!" Goes the Human: A form of this is applied with Moe being blown up like a balloon to get the rubber off of him, and then exploded with a shotgun after he floats out of the roof.
  • D.I.Y. Disaster: The "Buzzard" is one big series of disasters from beginning to end.
  • Emergency Cargo Dump: The stooges try this when the plane begins to lose altitude, but Curly accidentally starts throwing out important parts of the plane, making it crash.
  • Exact Words: Moe tells Curly to tighten a vice when he says "Now". Soon afterwards, Moe accidentally says the word while his hand is in the vice, and Curly instantly tightens it.
  • Famous, Famous, Fictional: Played with. Curly's list of famous inventors ends with actor Don Ameche, who famously played Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Grammar Nazi: Curly, of all people becomes one after Moe tells him to "saw the garage", confusing what Moe meant by "saw" as "see" in the past tense.
    Curly: I see the garage, but I don't saw the garage. You are speaking incorrectly. You are moidering the king's English!
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  • Here We Go Again!: The second time Moe is flung into a tub of rubber; Curly even states this as they fish Moe out.
  • Manly Tears: Moe is bawling as he helplessly floats to the ceiling.
  • On Three: Larry and Curly try to pull Moe down from the ceiling together with a lasso, counting to three first, not knowing that its actually tied around a wooden plank behind Moe's head.
  • Plank Gag: Larry hits Moe with the oar they use to mix the melted rubber.
  • Soft Water: Moe's fall from the sky after his balloon incident is softened by water in a well; later all three stooges fall into the same well from the plane.

A flying we will go!